The English Department has a pivotal role to play within the School, providing the means for students to reach an advanced level of proficiency in English, as a support subject for other departments, as well as to promote greater sensitivity to the literary and cultural traditions of the language in a global context.

It is one of the largest departments in the school and its aim is to provide all students with the communicative tools they need in order to be successful users of English at an advanced level.

Fundamental to this is the appreciation of all forms of literature throughout their school life. We, therefore, teach the text books through a wide selection of fun and educational video clips, worksheets, handicrafts ,collections and various non-fiction texts across all year groups.

We hope that the work our students do in English is enjoyed and strive to ensure that our curriculum offers a rich and diverse range of learning experiences.

The department is supervised by Ms. Zargaran with a 17 year of teaching, supervising and educational syllabous planning experience in English Education.
We are a team where each member enriches the department by their own contributions, strengths, and experience. It is this sense of teamwork and willingness that enables us to face the challenges of teaching with confidence and enthusiasm.

Department Supervisor
S. Zargaran